JAB Episodes

Episode 1 – An Introduction by Host Craig Martin

Episode 2 – Kevin Jon Heller on Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention

Episode 3 – Adil Haque on the Use of Force, Self-Defense, and Aggression.

Episode 4 – Ashley Deeks on AI and the Laws of War.

Episode 6 – Monica Hakimi on the Informal Regulation of the Jus ad Bellum Regime.

Episode 7 – Alonso Gurmendi Dunkelberg on Latin American Approaches to the Laws of War.

Episode 8 – Craig Forcese on the History and Significance of the Caroline Incident.

– Episode 10 – Eliav Lieblich on The Humanization of Jus ad Bellum.

Episode 12 – Tom Ruys on the Exercise of Self-Defense to Recover Occupied Territory.

Episode 14 – Federica Paddeu on Consent as a Justification for the Use of Force.

Episode 15 – Michael Schmitt on Cyber Operations and the Laws of War.

Episode 16 – Terry Gill on the Use of Force Against Non-State Actors.

Episode 17 – Nessa Interviews Martin on Climate Change the Jus ad Bellum Regime.

Episode 18 – Mary Ellen O’Connell on the Invalidity of Imminence.

Episode 20 – Rebecca Ingber on Legally Sliding into War.

Episode 21 – Yasuyuki Yoshida on Japan Japanese Perspectives on the JusĀ  ad Bellum Regime.

Episode 22 – Srinivas Burra on India’s Apparent Shift on Self-Defense.

Episode 23 – The Gaza Conflict.

Episode 26 – Olivier Corten on the Law Against War.

Episode 27 – Sam Moyn on the Humanizing of War.

Episode 28 – The War in Ukraine: Jus ad Bellum Implications.

Episode 30 – Chile Eboe-Osuji on the Ukraine War and Implications for IHL, the ICC, and the Crime of Aggression.

Episode 34 – Chris O’Meara on Necessity and Proportionality.